Current program : ver3.4.0 -- Now supporting macOS! (2019/12/28)
Latest mascot : Mascots from "HAYATE CROSS BLADE" ver 0.30 Added Maki-Senapi & Yukari (2007/04/25)

MaCoPiX : Mascot Constructive Pilot for X

MaCoPiX (Mascot Constructive Pilot for X) is a desktop mascot application for UNIX / X Window system and Microsoft Windows / macOS.
The special features of this application could be said as follows...
- You can make window sitters , fixed desktop mascots, and, furthermore, desktop clock mascots, using MaCoPiX.
This application could be a follower of "ActX". So, it is basically put emphasis on the function as an window sitter. But, of course, it can be used as the other type of desktop mascots.
- Using Gtk+ as GUI
MaCoPiX can edit its all configuration from its GUI. Furthermore, it is possible to create any mascots. You don't need to use any text editors for such purposes.
- Using gdk-pixbuf for image loading
Compared with ActX, in which we can only use xpm type imgaes, MaCoPiX can handle all types of images supported by gdk-pixbuf.
- Biff function
MaCoPiX has biff function to checke local mail spool and POP/APOP servers.
In addtion, MaCoPiX is now reinforced in functions of its menu, balloon and biff systems, compared with ActX.

System Requirements
OS UNIX OS : Compositing window managers (GNU shell, Compiz etc.) running on UNIX systems with X Window System


Microsoft Windows 7 or later (64bit; recommended Windows 10)   or

macOS 10.9 (Mavericks) or later (64bit)
library       - Gtk+3 > ver 3.22        (or Gtk+2 > ver. 2.24) -- Gtk+3 recommended
      - gettext > ver 0.10
      - OpenSSL (or GNU TLS)
are required.
You might need each libraries which support each types of images (libtiff, libpng etc.) in order to load them.

Windows/macOS binary versions include all above libraries in their packages.

Screen Shots

Config Dialog
[Config Dialog]
Clock Function
[Clock Function]

Launcher Menu
[Launcher Menu]

Biff Function
[Biff Function]

Contents on this web page...

      System Requirements / Screen Shots

      Program / Mascots / Binary Package

Installation & Starting
      Make and Install of Program / Install of Mascots / Starting, Commandline Options / Popup Menu

      Created or Necessary Files, Directories / About Mascots / Launcher Menu / Biff Function / Time Signal Function / Home Position

      Resource Configuration / Mascot Configuration / Menu Configuration

For Creators
      How to Create Mascots

      Frequently Asked Questions

the List of Mascots
      Window Sitters

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