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Program of MaCoPiX

If you want to install via UNIX binary package style, please check

macopix ver1.7.4 (2008/06/24) source code (for UNIX/Win)
tar+gzip archive macopix-1.7.4.tar.gz
(895,508 bytes / md5sum : 3cca054cf54327f6230a5cfed035121d )
tar+bzip2 archive macopix-1.7.4.tar.bz2
(725,481bytes / md5sum : dee0d3ad046891bd6ec8c0d01d631bb5 )
macopix ver1.7.3a (2008/06/12) Windows ver binary (Win 2000/XP or later)
English Installer Ver.: MaCoPiX-1.7.3a-win32-installer-en.EXE
(6,797,067bytes / md5sum : 7afaaf39e2ae4f6ae14194434c985f7d )

You can get all source codes of libraries in this binary pacage, here.

You cannot start MaCoPiX w/o any mascots. Please download at least one mascot with this source package.
1st Installation of MaCoPiX
1. Download MaCoPiX main program (See above)
2. Install MaCoPiX main program
3. Download one of MaCoPiX mascot archives (tar.gz)
[Download of Mascots]
4. Start up MaCoPiX main program (macopix.exe for Win)
5. From the menu in the Starting up message window, appoint downloaded mascot archive file(tar.gz).
[1st Mascot Installation]
6. Mascots will be automatically extracted and installed.

date ver. Change Log
2008.> - Bug fix on compilation under Gtk+2.10 or earlier.

2008. (Only for Windows Installer version)
- Renamed libssl32.dll to ssleay32.dll in the installer.

2008. - "Drop Shadow of Mascot" is now avairable also on Windows. But no anti-aliased for image and shadow outlines.

2008. - Fixed a problem with clickable areas on mascot and biff images renderd by cairo (Gtk+2.10 or later).[UNIX]
- Scaled image rendering routine is modified to use GdkPixbuf instead of Cairo. [UNIX]
- Added "Drop Shadow of Mascot" otion with Cairo rendering mode. [UNIX]

2008. - Added a new cairo rendering mode of mascot and biff images. This supports anti-aliased mascot edge with scaled-down (up) mascots. But, the clickable area on a mascot image expands to a whole rectangle are of mascot image, which includes transparent pixels. [UNIX]
- Cairo and Magnification switch settings moved to a new "Rendering" page in the configuration window.

2008. - Fixed a bug on animation loops on Gtk+2.12.
- Fixed a bug of mis-reading long subject on th biff mode.
- Replaced some Gtk+ deprecated code (GtkTooltips etc.).
- To fix a problem to fail auto-title-bar-scaling with CompiZ, new focus follow mode for Compiz added [UNIX]. With Compiz, please select "Auto-Scaling (for Compiz)" in mascot config (common->move->title-bar size). Plain "Auto-Scaling" should be the ordinal style scaling for all other environment.
- Added a mode to ignore title-bar-less windows [UNIX]. With some rather older window managers (MWM etc.), this function could disturb focus following.
- Added actions (ignore/vanish/home position) for title-bar-less windows. [UNIX/Windows]
- Added a new rendering argorithm for Balloon/Panel Clock using Cairo (Gtk+2.8 or later, pangogairo recommended). You can switch it with ordinal Gdk rendering. [UNIX/Windows]
- With cairo rendering, added new support for translucent (alpha blending) balloon and panel clock with compositing window managers (Compiz, KWin etc.). [UNIX] This function has been checked with Compiz[Fedora8,Fedora Core6,Ubuntu8.04] KWin[Fedora8] . With translucent KWin, you should turn OFF shadows and check "Raise with Mascot shaping..." in the config window of MaCoPiX (Common > Move > Foreground Mapping).
- Added auto-detection for home position. [UNIX]
- Upgraded Gtk+Win32 version to Gtk+2.12.9. [Windows]

2007. - Drag & Drop Installation of mascot menu (*tar.gz).
- Bug fix of gui.c on the compile with gtk+1.2
- Improving Socket Message Mode. Added Stepping Balloon mode (Gtk+2 only).GUI and command line options are also changed for this update.
- Added the exception statement of GPL in README to link with the OpenSSL.
- Changes in SSL POP. Bug fix to skip confirmation window with successful server certification. SSL certification verify results display on SSL manager.
- Reacessing with POP immediately after the SSL certificate confirmation window closed.
- Remapping of biff pix after mascot changing.
- Added support of GNUTLS (from patches by Ying-Chun Liu). You can select OpenSSL(def.) or GNUTLS in configure option.

2007. - Replaced MD5 codes to GPLed ones. (patched by Ying-Chun Liu).
- Replaced some Gtk+ deprecated functions (GtkCombo etc.)
- Bug fix for abnormal termination in succesive initialization of POP over SSL Biff.
- version up of OpenSSL to 0.9.8e (Windows).

2007. - Supporting POP3 over SSL (SSL/TLS), experimentally. (still not confirmed with TLS)
- Bug fix for popup menu construction.
- Balloon messages for file save.

2007. - Added an option toremain characters opaque in transparent balloon and panel clock.[Windows]
- Timing adjustment for clock and bolloon drawings.
- Added icons to menu and button items (Gtk+-2).

2007. - Support Win2000/XP version.
- Attached application icon (temporary?).
- Supporting extrantion function with UNLHA32.DLL and TAR32.DLL for macot installtion on Windows version. Binary version for Windows should be compiled only without UNLHA32.DLL(non-GPL)function, but distributed with TAR32.DLL(GPL).
- Also in the UNIX version, the menu filescan be installed directly from *.tar.gz file, using GNU tar commnad (with "z" option).
- Using FileChooser instead of FileSelection with Gtk+2.4 or later.
- Refine the progress-bar for Mascot-Installation.
- Add tray icon function in the task bar (only w/Gtk+2.10 or later).
- Added BIFF function (POP3) for Windows version. [using winsock2]. APOP should work also. But, not confirmed yet.
- Added selection to save (or not to save) the password for POP/APOP in the resource file. (for Windows security) In the case of no password, it can be inputed in the password dialog window at the biff-starting.
- Bug fix for ON/OFF of SPAM detection.
- Fixed some memory leaks in mascot changings, clock and balloon.
- Supporting transparent (alpha blending) windows (for Windows pnly).
- MAX_PIXMAP / MAX_ANIME_FRAME are reset to 64.

2006. Bug fix for freeze up rarely happened on POP3 Biff.
Added ON/OFF for tooltips on biff pix.

2006. Trouble shooting with GCC4.x (Checked with gcc-4.1.1 on Fedora Core 5).
Trouble shooting on MIME decoding for long From/ Subject lines (up to 10lines).
New tooltip on the biff image window. If you are using POP, you can also see the From/ Subject for your latest mail.
Added new control character for the biff balloon message. "%f"(From of the lastest mail), "%s"(Subject of the latest mail).
Improvement of the biff timing with POP.
The maximum POP scannig number of mails is now changable (default 40mails).
Added a "--message-expire" options for the socket meeage mode. The expire time[msec] for each messages can be determined with this option (default = 10sec).

2005. A bug on the common directory in ver 1.3.1 was fixed.

2005. Change default target for configure script to Gtk+2 (If you want to make with an old Gtk+1.2 system, use "--with-gtk1" option in the script.). MIME decoding on mail header without nkf is now available. MAX_PIXMAP is reset to 32pixes (for Hayate X Blade). The bug which the maximum number of pixmap is set as "MAX_PIXMAP-1" has been fixed. Default Colors for Clock and Balloon is now editable and can be saved in the Resource file. Bug fix for excluded SPAM count on biff function.

2004. Installation of mascots and menus with GUI, using popup and startup menu.
Fix a compiling problem with FreeBSD and cygwin
Changed site URL and mail address, due to the change of main site.

2004. Character Code Support for non-Japanese locale environment, based on a patch described by Danny Milosavljevic.
Character code of mascot file should be understood, according to the following priority. 1. [General] code=xxxx setting in .mcpx file / 2. current locale environment / 3. MaCoPiX default (EUC-JP) . This function should be worked only with Gtk+2.
Some bug fixes in menu configuration GUI.
Change the directory of pipe files in /tmp .

2004. Socket Message Mode is newly added by Christoph Hohmann. Duet Animation function is newly added. This function realize the simple anime connection between two mascots. Comic Market 66 version.

2004. Newly biff mode support for MH + procmail type mail spool (Experimental). Bug fix for the clock drawing and the positioning of the biff pixmap with magnifid mascots. Multiple files selection in the image/menu file selection dialog (only with Gtk+2).

2004. Bug fix in the color initialization routine caused troubles with some architecture (PPC / Solaris etc.). Mouse cursor are changed. SPAM exception in the arrived mail list window.

2004. "UTF-8" code conversion of mascots and menus in Gtk+2.x mode. Your mascot and menu files should agree with your locale also in Gtk+2.x MaCoPiX. (So, the code specification in ver 1.0.1, which required UTF-8 in those files, is expired now.)
2004. "UTF-8" coding appointment in Gtk+2.x Now japanized menus are avirable in all "ja"-locale environment. Gettext files updated to ver0.12.1 base.

2004. Gtk+2.x support. If you feel it heavy (Gtk+2 version exhosts memory too much.), please make with old Gtk+1.2 . It can be changed by a option of the configure script (Now, the default is 1.2).
2004. Startup/Popup Menu Selection Launcher. Biff support for qmail Maildir type mail spool. Read/ Write support for Nokkari-chara (an window sitter appication for MS Windows) data (Experimental). etc.
2003. User file consistenciy check mode is added. Print out of installed menu list in the help message. Online manual is added. "%m", a control argument in balloon messages (it prints the number of stored mails) is added.
2003. Bug fix on drag motion at Home position. Bug fix in treatment of maximum frame. Addtion of installing option.
2003. In the focus following mode, the starting point for offset is now selectable from each side of the focused window. Offset for the shaped title bar...etc.
2003. Selection of the biff image position (Right/Left). Improvement of the configulation dialog.
2003. Improvement of the drawing routine. Even with quick changes of the window shape, there are no flickering any more.
2003. Some fixes in the Home Position function.
2003. First public release of MaCoPiX.

Mascots for MaCoPiX

If you want to install via UNIX binary package style, please check

The program code of MaCoPiX is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2, or (at your option) any later version.

But, these mascot of MaCoPiX are not GPL2 software. So, you must get the permission of the author, when you want to redistribute these mascot packages.

Especially, redistribution of mascots for any commercial distributions or magazines' CDROMs could be denied. Because those case could be regarded as commercial uses.

These all mascot files are written in JAPANESE EUC kanji-code. So, you cannot use these mascots correctly except in the case that your locale corresponds to the JAPANESE EUC kanji-code (under Gtk+1.2). Under Gtk+2.x, MaCoPiX converts automatically mascots' charcter code to UTF-8 .

Window Sitters
     [HxB] [Marimite] [Cosmos] [Mizuiro] [PiaCarrot2] [Tsukihime] [Triangle Heart] [Comic Party] [Kanon] [ONE]

Sample(Baka) New!!        "Hayate X Blade" Window Sitters   [List]
Type Number of Mascots Locale Last Update
Window Sitter 8 JapaneseEUC(ja) 2007/04/25 (ver0.30)
Download       macopix-mascot-HxB-euc-ja-0.30.tar.gz

[Size : 803,473bytes]

Sample(Sachiko-sama) New!!        "Maria-sama ga Miteru" Window Sitters   [List]
Type Number of Mascots Locale Last Update
Window Sitter 16 JapaneseEUC(ja) 2004/11/11 (ver2.20)
Download       macopix-mascot-marimite-euc-ja-2.20.tar.gz

[Size : 916,260bytes]

Sample(Kanabou) "Cosmos in the Sky" Window Sitters   [List]
Type Number of Mascots Locale Last Update
Window Sitter 4 JapaneseEUC(ja) 2007/03/01 (ver1.02)
Download       macopix-mascot-cosmos-euc-ja-1.02.tar.gz

[Size : 329,269bytes]

Sample(Yuki) "Mizuiro" Window Sitters   [List]
Type Number of Mascots Locale Last Update
Window Sitter 5 JapaneseEUC(ja) 2007/03/01 (ver1.02)
Download       macopix-mascot-mizuiro-euc-ja-1.02.tar.gz

[Size : 187,782bytes]

Sample(Tomomi) "Welcome to Pia Carrot! 2" Window Sitters   [List]
Type Number of Mascots Locale Last Update
Window Sitter 7 JapaneseEUC(ja) 2007/03/01 (ver1.02)
Download       macopix-mascot-pia2-euc-ja-1.02.tar.gz

[Size : 191,520bytes]

Sample(Ciel in Kobeya) "Tsukihime" Window Sitters   [List]
Type Number of Mascots Locale Last Update
Window Sitter 28 JapaneseEUC(ja) 2007/03/01 (ver1.02)
Download       macopix-mascot-tsukihime-euc-ja-1.02.tar.gz

[Size : 616,138ytes]

Sample(Chikabou) "Triangle Heart 1,2,3" Window Sitters   [List]
Type Number of Mascots Locale Last Update
Window Sitter 17 JapaneseEUC(ja) 2007/03/01 (ver1.02)
Download       macopix-mascot-triangle_heart-euc-ja-1.02.tar.gz

[Size : 310,099bytes]

Sample(Minami-san) "Comic Party" Window Sitters   [List]
Type Number of Mascots Locale Last Update
Window Sitter 1 JapaneseEUC(ja) 2007/03/01 (ver1.02)
Download       macopix-mascot-comic_party-euc-ja-1.02.tar.gz

[Size : 20,656bytes]

Sample(Nayuki) "Kanon" Window Sitters   [List]
Type Number of Mascots Locale Last Update
Window Sitter 22 JapaneseEUC(ja) 2007/03/01 (ver1.02)
Download       macopix-mascot-kanon-euc-ja-1.02.tar.gz

[Size : 451,021bytes]

Sample(Maid Mizuka) "ONE - Bright Season -" Window Sitters   [List]
Type Number of Mascots Locale Last Update
Window Sitter 16 JapaneseEUC(ja) 2007/03/01 (ver1.02)
Download       macopix-mascot-one-euc-ja-1.02.tar.gz

[Size : 199,796bytes]

date total Change Log
2007.04.25124(+11) Mascots from "Hayate Cross Blade" (ver 0.30) are released.
Added "Maki Kamijo", "Yukari Someya". Fine tuning of color palletes and animation pattern for old mascots.
2007.02.27122(+11) Added character-code for all released mascots (euc-ja-1.01).
for Windows version.
2005.09.07122(+11) The 1st release of Mascots from "Hayate Cross Blade" (ver 0.10).
"Hitsugi Amachi", "Shizuku Miyamoto", "Ayana Mudo", "Hayate Kurogane", "Jun Kuga" and "Yuho Shizuma" are included in it.
2004.11.11116(+11) Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 2.20 are released.
"Kanako Hosokawa" is now included.
2004.10.15115(+11) Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 2.10 are released.
Super Rosa-Gigantea (Sei's Gran soeur) is now included. Renewal of Sei-sama & Youko-sama mascots.
2004.09.29114(+11) Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 2.01 are released.
Automatic character code conversion (for Gtk+2.x).
2004.08.14114(+11) In Comic Market 66, mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 2.00 (Duet anime version) and the special mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" (11 masocts) are released.
2004.05.16114 Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 1.20 are released.
"Touko Matsudaira" is now included.
2004.05.13113 Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 1.10 are released.
"Noriko Nijou" (as Rosa Gigantea en bouton / 2nd generation) is now included.
2004.04.18112 Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 1.00 are released.
"Mami Yamaguchi" (Newspaper Club) is now included.
2004.04.11111 Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 0.90 are released.
"Minako Tsukiyama" (Newspaper Club) is now included. All bitmaps of "Shimadzu Yoshino" are revised.
2004.02.19110 Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 0.80 are released.
"Shizuka Kanina" (as Rosa Canina) is now included.
2003.11.10109 Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 0.70 are released.
"Tsutako Takeshima" (as Camera-chan) is now included.
2003.11.03108 Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 0.60 are released.
"Eriko Torii" (as Rosa Foetida) is now included.
2003.09.25107 Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 0.50 are released.
I added "Rei Hasekura" (as Rosa Foetida en bouton) and "Yoshino Shimadzu" (as Rosa Foetida en bouton petit soeur).
2003.09.08105 Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 0.30 are released.
I added "Youko Mizuno" (as Rosa Chinensis).
The mcpx files of Yumi, Sachiko and Sei were modified to add their biff messages.
2003.06.29104 Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" ver 0.20 are released.
I added "Shimako Toudou" (as Rosa Gigantea en bouton).
2003.05.23103 Mascots from "Maria-sama ga Miteru" are released.
Including "Sachiko Ogasawara" (as Rosa Chinensis en bouton) , "Yumi Fukuzawa" (as Rosa Chinensis en bouton petit souer) and "Sei Sato" (as Rosa Gigantea).
Maybe, mascots of other characters will be added.
2003.04.10100 First Release with MaCoPiX program.
Converted from ActX modules, Just 100 total mascots [ONE(16), Kanon(22), Comic Party(1), Triangle Heart(17), Tsukihime(28), PiaCarrot2(7), Mizuiro(5), Cosmos(4)] are released.

Binary Package

Environment Link Version
RedHat linux (rpm)
[x86 & ppc]
Satoshi IWAMOTO's Homepage
      by Iwamoto-san
ver1.6.1 & Mascots
Plamo linux
Plamo Package Space
      by Yoshida@Kyoto-INET-san
ver0.8.6 & Mascots
Debian GNU linux

(You can DL via apt from this site)
debian packages
      by misatsu-san
ver1.4.1 & Mascots
Gentoo linux
[ebuild for x86, ppc] official site
ver1.2.1 & Mascots
FreeBSD official site / Fresh Ports
      by Esu-san, Umeno-san
ver1.4.1 & Mascots

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